Studio Visit: Angela Godoy

Godoy is a painter’s painter -- saturated colors, viscous textures, and supple mark making allow her work fit neatly into the capital-P painting category. Focused less on physical likenesses and more on capturing a feeling, Godoy’s portraits implement a collaborative process where she supplies her subjects with costumes and props then sees what happens.

Corporeality in Space: The Contemporary Figure

The current exhibition, The Contemporary Figure (curated by Connecticut sculptor Brian Walters) offers an interesting take on how the figure is depicted by contemporary artists. Almost all the artists included are mostly mid-career and/or established (but what do either of those terms mean anyway?), and either are either based in Connecticut, the Hudson Valley, or otherwise are connected to the geography. Ranging modestly in scale and media, the exhibit offers paintings, collages, and a few sculptural works to explore human bodies.

Dee-Eye-WHY? A mission statement of sorts

The more pressing issue at hand is my declared focus of “DIY.” Before I truly leap into this, I have to have a semantic argument with myself. Do-It-Yourself can reference or mean a multitude of things. DIY can be literal -- a single artist/mind working and creating a thing, or DIY can be a collaborative endeavor. Artists who DIY (verb form) can create their work within more conventional institutions, or create their own to subvert systems entirely. DIY (adjective) artists can support themselves entirely by their craft, or have day jobs to help pay studio rent.